VisualData Logger

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VisualData Logger is a survey sensor data display and logger. Typically, it is used to log ROV sensor data as part of the VisualSoft Suite for pipeline inspection. The log files are synchronised with the recorded video files so that all sensor data and video can be viewed together using VisualReview, or the sensor data may be processed using VisualEdit Professional.

The user interface is configurable to display the real-time data in different ways from simple text to complex graphics and includes a sensor status display. The sensor interfaces are either RS232 or network UDP.

The list of supported sensors includes a configurable ASCII decoder that can be used for any ASCII data interface. Please contact VisualSoft for an up to date list of supported sensors. VisualData Logger includes real-time monitoring of the data streams and outputs alarm messages when the data input is lost or when specific data values freeze.

VisualData Logger Features

  • VisualData Logger records all survey positioning and associated sensors.
  • Starting and stopping logging is synchronised to the video recording in VisualDVR.
  • All data can be viewed graphically for QC purposes.
  • Data is managed and backed up by VisualArchive.