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VisualArchive automatically manages all VisualSoft data. The video and sensor data is regularly transferred to the VisualArchive offline system which performs fully automated archiving to user defined backup media such as RAID array storage (portable and rack mounted options) and LTO tape. Duplication of the data archive ensures backup in the event of loss or failure of any individual backup medium. Utilisation of RAID array storage not only insures against data loss due to hardware failure but also prevents downtime due to single-point failure within the system.

VisualArchive Features

  • Automated file transfer from online to offline
  • Automated backup to multiple devices and device types
  • Tape backup function
  • “Virtual Tape” file containers
  • Exact copies to other disks
  • Backup processed data
  • Verify all backups
  • Recover from backups
  • Display all status
  • Sort by time or KP


Download the User Manual.