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Visual3D-Inspector is a product provided as standard with VisualDVR which has been designed to simplify structure inspection planning, operation and review. 

This easy to operate tool allows a 3D CAD export file of the structure to be imported into the 3D viewer as the basis for project planning and inspection tasks. The 3D drawing allows recording of video and associated data to be controlled and referenced to any particular component of the structure.

Projects and events are linked to particular components of the structure to enable quicker condition reviews and anomaly report generation. VisualSoft Suite integration provides direct access to stored video, survey, NDT sensor and event data to aid assessment of component condition and degradation over time.

Visual3D-Inspector Features

  • Inspection work scope planning
  • Progress tracking
  • Control of video recording
  • Control of anomaly and other event logging
  • Graphical preview of planned work scope sequence to optimise ROV time
  • Fully customisable anomaly recording

3D Inspector

For more information download the Brochure or User Manual or arrange a demonstration by contacting VisualSoft.

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