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VisualSoft Survey and Inspection Software

Record, Process and Report Digital Video and Survey Data with VisualSoft from Forum.

The VisualSoft Suite is a modular range of software applications designed specifically for use during subsea structure and pipeline inspections. These applications are licensed individually for distinct tasks during each stage of the survey or inspection:

  • Acquisition (Online)
    • Recording of single or multiple channels of Digital Video
    • Logging of data from ROV mounted survey sensors 
  • QC, Eventing and Processing (Offline)
    • Processing of data relating to ROV Position
    • Processing of profile data relating to the pipeline and adjacent seabed
    • Logging and QC of events such as pipeline / structure feature or anomalies such as freespans, anodes or debris
  • Reporting and Review (Review)
    • Creation of pre-defined and bespoke client reports
    • Export of data to client databases and software environments
    • Free review software for client to view reports