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Inspection Class ROV System

Our Mohican Inspection Class ROV system incorporates an enhanced propulsion system allowing it to continue working in high current conditions when other systems have to return to surface, providing a customer benefit of reduced vessel time and costs.

  • Ultra-High Thrust Greater Than 100 kgf / 220 lbf Both Axial and Lateral
  • Six Brushless DC Thrusters with Sub-Atlantic’s StatorshieldTM Technology and Dynamic Vectoring
  • 3000 Volt, 400 Hz Power System
  • Long, Small Diameter, Low Drag Tether
  • 2,000 Metre / 6,500 Feet Standard Rating
  • 35 kg / 77 lbs Standard Payload (Options)
  • Auto-Functions
  • Multiple Video Channels
  • Deep Live Boat, Tunnel or TMS Operation
  • Manipulator Options
  • Integral High Pressure Cleaning System Option
  • Various Skid Options

The Mohican ROV features a small diameter tether and high output brushless DC thrusters operating on Sub- Atlantic’s ‘Dynamic VectoringTM system. The Mohican comes with three or six simultaneous video channels transmitted through a fibre-optic telemetry system for sharp, high quality video inspections.

The ROV is also equipped with additional power sources for attachment of manipulator and tools such as our high pressure jetting and cleaning skid used in platform inspections.

Mohican uses a 3000 Volt, 400 Hz power transmission system from surface to ROV resulting in a small tether, main lift cable and launch & recovery system. This transmission system makes Mohican particularly suited for long tunnel inspections and deep live-boating operations.