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Also known as Rovdrill M80

  • Third-generation Rovdrill design, with full geotechnical capabilities
  • Working depth = 3000m
  • Coring/sampling depth = 90m standard, expandable to 200m, core diameter = 2.87" (73mm)
  • Wireline rotary, push sampling and CPT as standard
  • Interchangeable foundation assemblies for a wide range of seabed conditions:
    • Suction Caisson – soft to medium-stiff soils
    • Four-legged, self-leveling jack-up – stiff soils/rock

Download Rovdrill Animation

Rovdrill Deployment/Footprint Dimensions

Rovdrill 3 Surface Control

  • Rovdrill uses a subset of the ICE® Hardware and Software – the very latest, proven generation of Perry ROV control system
  • Intuitive HMI, driven by touch-screen controls
  • Single-surface computer
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) with user configurable pages
  • Subsea Manifold with Local Valve Controller (LVC)
  • Full mission simulation, personnel system training and custom scenarios can be offered through complete integration with VMAX Technologies
  • Control chair option available

Rovdrill 3 Basic Operational Requirements

  • Vessel of opportunity, including:
    • 150 HP Work-class ROV Spread:
      • Subsea hydraulic power: 68 lpm (18 gpm) at 207 bar (3,000 psig) from the ROV auxiliary pump
      • Subsea electrical power: single phase power, 20 amps at 120 volt
      • Access to a single mode fiber or twisted shielded pair in the ROV umbilical
      • Access to the ROV’s telemetry system for data transfer
    • Deck-mounted, offshore crane or A-frame, 60Te SWL, minimum for SS6 operations
    • Fast deployment wire winch (preferably heave-compensated)
  • Interchangeable foundation assemblies – suction caisson/skirted mud mat or four-legged, jack-up assemblies – supplied as part of Rovdrill spread
  • ROV intervention kit, including intervention basket, hydraulic and electrical hot stab assemblies, docking latches and electrical/hydraulic interface kit
  • Personnel that can provided by Forum Energy Technologies (basic system):
    • Rovdrill driller/operators
    • Rovdrill technicians
    • Geotechnical engineers
  • Additional personnel, equipment and services that can be provided by Forum Energy Technologies
    • Offshore sample and data testing and analysis
    • Onshore sample and data testing and analysis
    • Final geotechnical report