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Based in the North East of England, we offer full design and fabrication services for a significant range of pipeline products aimed at the petrochem, process, Offshore, and subsea markets both in the UK and overseas.

The company has the experience and engineering expertise to provide a wide range of bespoke engineered products including:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Filter Separator Packages
  • Pig Launchers and Receivers
  • Manifold Skids
  • Pull-in Heads
  • Suction Pile Vent Hatch (hinged lid or butterfly)

The ancillary subsea equipment associated with the above is also supplied by our company, which includes:

  • Subsea Valve Packages
  • Hot Stab Connector Assemblies
  • Surplussing Check Valves
  • ROV Valve Interfaces

A sample of clients we have recently produced goods for:

   Client Reference    Location/Project
   ABB Offshore Systems    Gulf of Mexico
   Alto Mar Girassol    Girassol Phase I & II Africa
   Coflexip Stena Offshore    Brazil
   Coflexip Stena Offshore    Brazil 95
   Coflexip Stena Offshore    Brazil 96
   Coflexip Stena Offshore    Brazil 97
   Coflexip Stena Offshore    Marathon Kinsale
   Coflexip Stena Offshore    Juno
   Coflexip Stena Offshore/Amerade Hess    UK
   Coflexip Stena Offshore/Conoco    BANFF, UK
   McDermott/BP    Foinaven, UK
   McDermott/BP    Foinaven, UK
   McDermott    Equitorial Guinea
   DSND Subsea    Petrobras, Brazil
   Elf Petroleum    UK
   EMC/Norsk Hydro (EMC is now Saipem UK LTD)    Osberg B, Norway
   EMC/ELF (EMC is now Saipem UK LTD)    Claymore Field UK
   EMC/Phillips (EMC is now Saipem UK LTD)    Jade Field UK
   EMC/Shell (EMC is now Saipem UK LTD)    Penguin Field UK
   Halliburton Rockwater    UK
   Halliburton Subsea    UK
   Halliburton Subsea/Norske Shell    Draugen Norway
   FMC Kongsberg    Norway
   Kværner/BP    Scheihallion, UK
   Kværner/BP    Scheihallion, UK
   Halliburton Rockwater    UK
   Halliburton Rockwater    UK
   Saibos/Canyon Express    Gulf of Mexico
   Saipem UK Ltd/Conoco    Viscount
   Saipem Canada    Sable Tier II, Canada
   Shell International Trading    Soorosh Seerena FPSO
   Stolt Offshore Ltd    UK
   Stolt Offshore Limited    UK
   Stolt Offshore Limited/BP Oil    ETAPS Satellite
   Stolt Offshore Limited    Girassol, Africa
   Stolt Offshore Limited/Paris    Burullus, Egypt
   Technip Offshore UK    Marathon Braemar
   Technip Offshore UK    Gaz de France
   Technip Offshore UK    Ramco Seven Heads
   Technip Offshore UK    TotalFinaElf Nuggats
   Wood Group Engineering    Scheihallion, UK BP Oil
   Saipem UK Ltd    Bahr Essalam
   Technip Offshore UK Ltd    Shell Howe
   Technip Offshore UK Ltd    Baobab
   Stolt Offshore Ltd    Total Forvie North Sea
   Stolt Offshore Ltd    ATP TORS & L6 North Sea
   Stolt Offshore Ltd    Santos Casino Australia
   Acergy Group - Aberdeen    OKUME
   Technip UK Ltd    Brenda Project North Sea
   Technip UK Ltd    Maria Project North Sea
   Acergy Group    BritSats Project North Sea
   Subsea 7 Ltd    ENOCH Project North Sea
   Subsea 7 Ltd    KELVIN North Sea
   Subsea 7 Brazil / Petrobas    Hybrid Steel Brazil
   Subsea 7 Ltd    Saxi Batuque Angola
   Acergy West Africa    Tombua Landana Angola
   Saipem Italy    Burullus Phase IV Egypt
   Acergy West Africa    Kizomba C Angola
   Technip UK Ltd    DON Project North Sea
   Saipem    Burullus Sequoia Egypt
   Acergy West Africa    Block 15, Angola
   Saipem Portugal    Block 17, Angola
   Subsea 7 Norway    Skarv Project
   Acergy West Africa    Pazflor, Angola
   Acergy West Africa    LNG, Angola
   Acergy West Africa    Block 17, Angola
   Technip UK Ltd    Jubilee Ghana
   Subsea 7    Ithaca Jacky
   Acergy Norway    DONG Nini East & Siri
   Acergy Canada    Deep Panuke
   Globestar Engineering    Angola
   Technip UK Ltd    North Sea - BP Devenick
   Saipem Misr    Egypt - Burullus WDDM Phase VIII
   Weatherford    Egypt - TAMAR Field Development
   Subsea 7    Brazil - EPIC Guara and Lula-NE Project
   Subsea 7    CLOV


A project sample of sub-contracted work on behalf of belvalves.

  • Mad Dog
  • Jact St. Malo
  • Dong Closure Valve
  • Shah-Deniz
  • Laggan Tormore
  • USAN
  • West Delta VIIIA
  • Block 18
  • Block 31
  • Gorgon
  • Goliat
  • Devenick
  • Islay
  • K4Z
  • Chirag
  • Med-way