Oceanographic Winch Systems

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DYNACON has a number of standard designs for electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic winch systems designed for coring, conductivity Temperature and Depth (CTD), side scan sonar and similar applications. Variations of these standard designs, as well as unique designs, are being routinely provided.

Numerous DYNACON systems have been provided to universities, military and commercial customers worldwide.

  418 10030 12030

Safe Working Load - Full Drum 225 kg  907 kg 11,800 kg
Max Line Pull - Full Drum 281 kg 1,133 kg 14,750 kg
Drum Capacity 900m of 6.4mm umbilcal  5,000m of 8.41mm umbilcal 3,500m of 34mm umbilcal
Line Speed Full Drum 45 mpm  91 m/min 30-60 mpm
Winch Weight (Empty) 227 kg 2,650 kg 15,400 kg