Tuff Tool Lubricant Applicators

Help With This Product

The Tuff Tool lubricant applicator was designed and developed by DYNACON to inject Tuff Coat M lubricant into umbilicals and cables at the request of customers spooling cables onto DYNACON manufactured winches at our facility in Bryan, Texas. Continued development of the tool has resulted in a dependable applicator system suitable for applying Tuff Coat M.

What makes an effective lubricant applicator?

A proper lubricant applicator must have the following characteristics:

  • must introduce lubricant to all working parts of the cable and displace any water or contaminates
  • must deliver lubricant with a minimum of product loss
  • must be be able to apply lubricant on a wide range of cable and wire rope profiles

The Tuff Tool applicators developed by DYNACON are used to inject Tuff Coat M lubricant into umbilicals,cables, and wire rope. Tuff Tool is an effective applicator for a wide range of cable and wire rope profiles. This includes helical lay wire ropes in which the strand cross-sectional profile prevents efficient application of the lubricant with smooth bore seals. The robust design of the tool and the unique seal design allow lubricant to be injected under pressures exceeding 124 bar ( 1,800 psi, 12,410 kPa) to ensure total lubricant penetration with minimal product loss.