Tuff Tool

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Tuff Tool

Used to inject Tuff Coat M lubricant into concentric cables or umbilicals with diameters ranging from 12.70 mm (0.50 in.) to 50.80 mm (2.0 in.)

The tool is constructed of stainless steel and is machined for installation of o-ring seals to ensure proper sealing, allowing the assembly to contain the lubricant under high internal injection pressures. The typical two-piece body and unique split seal design allow the tool to be installed anywhere along the length of cable. Fluid disconnects on each half of the tool allow lubricant to be pumped into the injection chamber from opposite sides of the tool to ensure complete distribution of the lubricant in the chamber. A pressure gauge allows injection chamber pressure to be monitored.

The lubricant is supplied to the tool from a DYNACON-supplied air motor driven RAM pump that transfers lubricant from the shipping container into the tool under pressure. The lubricant is pumped from a 19 liter (5 gallon) or 208 liter (55 gallon) product container.

Features and performance characteristics of Tuff Tool

Introduces the lubricant to all the working parts of the cable.

The robust design of the tool and the unique seal design allow lubricant to be injected into the cable under pressures required (pressures exceeding 1800 psi are possible) to ensure total lubricant penetration with minimal product loss.

Constriction of the armor strands when the cable or rope is under tension restricts flow of high viscosity lubricants into the inner lays. The ability to generate high injection pressures coupled with the thixotropic property (property of various gels of becoming fluid when under pressure) of Tuff Coat M results in total penetration throughout the volume of the armor and wires displacing all water and filling any void spaces with the highly effective lubricant.

Capable of delivering the lubricant with a minimum of product loss.

The same unique design properties of the tool body and seals that allow containment of high injection pressures within the tool minimizes the amount of product loss during application to cables and umbilicals.

The thin uniform coating on the exterior of the cables and the clear blue color of the Tuff Coat M makes for ease of visual inspection of the outer armor wires.

Able to apply the lubricant on a wide range of cable and rope profiles.

The Tuff Tool is designed to apply Tuff Coat M lubricant on a variety of cable and umbilical designs with concentric and relatively smooth outer layers.

Specifications and Features

  • Umbilical, Cable or Wire Rope Diameters-------12.70 mm (0.50 in.) to 50.80 mm (2.0 in.)
  • Maximum Injection Pressure------124 Bar (1,800 psi)
  • Construction------304-L Stainless Steel
  • High pressure injection ensures through penetration and ejection of existing debris
  • Lateral chamber seals constructed according to cable diameter
  • Easy installation
  • Utilizes ram-air pump to transfer lubricant from 208 liter (55 gal.) drum or from 19 liter (5 gal.) containers
  • Quick disconnect couplings for easy installation