Hyperbaric Pressure Test Facility

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Perry Systems has a segregated pressure testing facility within the factory, that can be used to test piece volumes up to 43 cubic metres.

The test chambers range from small, very high pressure vessels suitable for equipment testing,to an extremely large chamber for subsea equipment and buoyancy.

Model Chamber 1 Chamber 2 Chamber 3 Chamber 4 Chamber 5 Chamber 6 Chamber 7

Category Large Pressure Chamber Robertson & Ferguson Penetrator Test Vessel General Purpose Vessel Insert Vessel General Purpose Vessel Insert Vessel
Working Fluid Water Water Sea Water Oil/Water Oil Oil/Water Oil
Max Working Pressure

241 BAR(3500 PSI)

138 BAR(2000 PSI)

 550 BAR (8000 PSI)

349 BAR (5000 PSI)

414 BAR(6000 PSI) 138 BAR (2000 PSI) 690 BAR(10,000 PSI)
Internal Diameter 2.3M  0.45M  0.35M 0.16M  0.16M  0.14M  0.07M 
Max Parallel Length 8.1M  0.94M  1.7M 0.12M   0.21M 0.12M  0.11M 


Perry Hyperbaric Pressure Facilities has a dedicated team of experienced personnel to assist with all technical queries.


A 20 Tonne overhead crane can be used for heavy test pieces. The hook height of the 20 tonne crane measures 5.5 metre max. lift height.

Client Offices

Wi-Fi enabled factory floor client offices are available during testing.

Subsea Testing Track Record

  • Project specific testing.
  • Alpha Thames.
  • LR7 Battery Pod.
  • Shah Deniz.
  • Subsea Winch.
  • Valves & Actuators.
  • Actuated Ball Valves.
  • Frigg Valves.
  • Well Intervention Systems.