Daniel Lanier

281.994.3351, daniel.lanier@f-e-t.com

Mr. Lanier joined GEMS in August 2001.  He was promoted to Director in January, 2009.  His duties as a geologist included the interpretation of high resolution and 3-D seismic data, geotechnical analysis of soil borings and jumbo piston cores, and the integration of both with respect to the placement of deep water production field architecture.  As a Director, Mr. Lanier coordinated the assignment of projects to the geoscience staff, allocation of resources, and establishing new and maintaining current client relations.  Mr. Lanier is responsible for overseeing the response to bid tenders establishing and monitoring the projects budgets, timing, and quality.  In 2013, Mr. Lanier was promoted to Director – Geosciences and now is responsible for the management of the GEMS business within Forum.