Valve Pack/HYPO Combined - 6 Station Solenoid

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This combined hydraulic power unit with integral 6-station valve pack and control system has been specifically designed for use on small electric ROVs using manipulators and/or tool skids.

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Wandfluh NG3 Valve Reliability
  • Removable PO Check Functionality
  • Integral HPU
  • 220 Vac and 300 Vdc Drive Options
  • Integral Control System
  • Perfect for Compact Manipulators

The unit incorporates an 220 Vac or 300 Vdc electric motor driven pump, six directional control valves, each with pilot operated checks and a mini control system linked back to a single electrical connector. The system provides smooth, reliable control of small hydraulic manipulator systems using small bore pistons. Any spare functions can be used to power cable cutters, tools, etc. requiring low power input. A topside control system and telemetry system are also available.