Hydraulic Power Unit - 15-280 kW

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Our high efficiency submersible motors and HPU’s are the most reliable available in the marketplace. Available in sizes varying from 15 to 280 kW / 20 to 375 HP, they are the perfect power source supply for ROVs Trenchers, TMS and Tooling applications.

  • High Reliability
  • Outputs Shaft each End of Motor
  • Shaft Powers from 15 to 280 kW(20 to 375 HP)
  • Industry Proven Windings
  • 1800 rpm Synchronous Speed
  • Water Ingress and Temp. Sensors
  • Various Voltage Options (3000 Volts Standard)
  • Interface Kits for a Range of Hydraulic Pumps
  • Motor Options for Pump Drives with 3600 rpm Shaft Speed
  • Efficient Design Requires No External Cooler

Our motors and HPU’s are ideal for driving thruster systems, excavation and hydraulic tools requiring high power inputs. The submersible motor can also be used to drive other types of rotating machinery such as water pumps for trenching machines. The distinctive feature of our submersible motors is the finished end cap design that provides high efficiency cooling due to the heat transfer surface area. This eliminates the need for forced external cooling on the larger motors. Motor winding temperature and water ingress sensors are included for connection to customers control system.