Hydraulic Power Unit - 1.3 kW

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This small Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) delivers 4 lpm / 1 usgpm at adjustable pressures up to 200 bar / 3000 psi and is suitable for powering manipulators, tools, etc.

  • Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve
  • Low Cost Replacement Pumps
  • Integral Suction Filter
  • 440Vac Operation
  • Seal Between Motor and Pump
  • Starts Under Load

A gear pump is driven by a 3 phase, 440 Vac electric motor, the same type as used on Sub-Atlantic's reliable CTE-02 electric thrusters. An integral, externally adjustable pressure relief valve is used to set the system pressure and a quick-change suction filter cartridge is fitted into the body.