Dirty Oil Pack (IHPU)

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This Dirty Oil Pack is an  Isolated Hydraulic Power Unit (IHPU) that can be easily incorporated into a ROV hydraulic system to provide an isolated hydraulic supply for driving tooling and equipment that may potentially otherwise cause contamination to the main ROV hydrailic supply. 

  • Simple
  • Self-Contained
  • Variable Pressure and Flow Rate
  • Quick to Fit to ROV
  • Retro-fittable
  • Integral Filters
  • Integral Compensator
  • Pressure Relief Valve 

The unit is a fully self-contained circuit incorporating hydraulic motor, pressure compensated pump, compensated reservoir, pressure and return line filters and multiple inlet/outlet connection points.  Hook-up to the ROV is quick and simple by connecting a supply, return and drain line to a ROV valve pack function.


Weight in Air Empty: 41.5 kg (approx) 
Weight in Sea Water Empty: 31.5 kg (approx) 
Max Output pressure: 200 Bar 
Max Output Flow @ 200 Bar: 57.6 l/min 
Reservoir Capacity: 2.7 Litres 
Connection Porting:
Pressure Manifold Outlets: 
6 x ¾” SAE (¾-18 UNF) 
1 x 11/16” SAE (11/16-12 UNF)

Return Manifold Inlets:

6 x ¾” SAE (¾-18 UNF)
1 x 11/16” SAE (11/16-12 UNF) 

Motor Porting:

2 x ¾” BSPP (Pressure & Return) 
1 x ½” BSPP (Case Drain) 

Motor Operating Pressure Requirement: 170 Bar – 200 Max 
Motor Operating Flow Requirement: up to 80 l/min 
Analogue Level Sensor Connector (Optional): Subconn MCBH-3M