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Forum Tether Management Systems

Tether Management Systems

Reduce ROV Downtime with Forum TMS.

Forum provides Sub-Atlantic and Perry Slingsby TMS systems which have a reputation of extreme reliability. With a telescopic frame, fully electric motor and corrosion resistant stainless steel, our TMS systems are unique, simple and efficient. With a large proportion of recorded ROV downtime being attributed to TMS failures, trust in the proven reliability of Forum.

Forum Components & Tooling: ThrustersThrusters

Propel your Business with Forum Thrusters

Our line of Sub-Atlantic hydraulic thrusters has become the preferred propulsion for ROV’s and cable burial/maintenance vehicles. Working in a highly aggressive environment, they have earned a reputation for reliability, efficiency and exceptional performance. Our thruster line is breaking new ground within the thrust, low weight and enhanced reliability sector.

Hydraulic Products

High-efficiency hydraulic products

Forum offers a range of reliable and efficient hydraulic power units (HPUs), valve packs and compensators for the powering and control of underwater propulsion systems, manipulators, torque tools, etc. from Sub-Atlantic. These products are used on all sizes of ROVs, but some of the smaller ones have been specially developed for use on smaller electric ROV systems for the operation of compact manipulators, torque tools, etc.

Forum Components & Tooling: Hydraulic Power Unit 15-280-kW

Pan & Tilt  Unit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Reliability in difficult environments

Our electric and hydraulic pan & tilt systems are used on many sizes of ROVs, ranging from small electric, through work class to large trenching machines. Over a number of years, they have proven themselves to be reliable and durable in these difficult environments. We also include electric rotary actuators in this section that can be used for a large number of electric tooling applications.

subCAN - Available for Upgrade to Comanche and Mohican Systems


Available for Upgrade to Comanche and Mohican Systems

subCAN system layout is simple and intuitive.  The pilot controller provides all ROV controls and switches close to hand.  The touch screen interface shows a system status, alarms and diagnostics at a glance.  Additional controls and set-ups can be implemented via the touch screen interface.

One subsea controller is used for each sub-system.  On-board diagnostics, both on the controller and the FO multiplexer, communicate status back to surface.

Due to their very high capacity, additional equipment and sensors are easily incorporated into the subsea controllers.

Forum Components & Tooling: Sub-Atlantic Manipulator Skid

Tooling & Accessories

Tooling & Accessories from Sub-Atlantic and Perry Slingsby

Our line of Sub-Atlantic Tools and Skids can be used to enhance the operational capability of any ROV system from inspection to work class. A selection of skids and accessories are shown here that have been manufactured to date, however, specials can be produced for customer-specific requirements. Contact us for a proposal.

Whether the requirement is for ISO/API standard intervention tools or for a custom project, our Tooling and Robotics Products from Perry Slingsby perform consistently in hostile, deepwater environments.