Underwater Acoustic Materials

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From the inception of Syntech, it was realized by the founders that the properties of syntactic foam could be tailored to yield a variety of underwater acoustic characteristics, such as transparency, absorption, reflection, and refraction. This work has led to a family of materials that are being employed in various underwater applications, such as acoustic windows, anechoic test tank linings, and transducer isolators and decouplers. Our in-house acoustic test facility is designed to characterize these products across a broad range of frequencies.

The following outlines the various product lines with acoustic characteristics:

Anechoic Materials - The SADM Group: Through a Small Business Innovative Research program sponsored by the US Navy, the inherent mechanical properties of syntactic foam were developed into an underwater sound-absorbing composite capable of withstanding high hydrostatic pressures. This work led to the group being employed primarily as anechoic test tank liners and unique sound attenuating structures.

Standard Buoyancy Foams: Some standard syntactic buoyancy foams manufactured by Syntech may be applicable in alternative areas of underwater acoustic noise control, especially above 1 MHz The buoyant, high-strength materials, especially our low-density syntactic foams, are successfully being used as pressure release materials in a variety of transducer assembly applications.