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Founded in 1985 and serving the marine and oceanographic industries worldwide, Syntech core business has been the manufacture of syntactic foam buoyancy modules for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for more than a quarter of a century. During this time we have also developed a range of syntactic materials for numerous other subsea and marine applications.

The quality and reliability of buoyancy products produced by Syntech is evidenced by the fact that we are a leading supplier to many OEM’s and end users of equipment such as work-class ROV’s and observation class ROV’s, AUV’s, trenchers, deep water moorings, torpedo target arrays, sonar arrays, and scientific instrumentation.

In addition to the manufacture of buoyancy Syntactic material’s properties can also be tailored to meet the varying demands of a variety of underwater applications. In particular the acoustic characteristics of our materials, such as transparency, absorption, reflection, and refraction, are ideally suited for underwater applications, such as acoustic windows, anechoic test tank linings, and transducer isolators and decouplers.

Custom-made tooling can be used to manufacture specific syntactic foam geometries in batch quantities, or alternatively, for smaller custom applications blocks or sheets can be bonded, finish machined and ultimately coated in a protective skin.

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Standard Buoyancy Foams   Standard buoyancy foams are designed for deep underwater flotation requirements, from 1,000 to 30,000 ft.

Underwater Acoustic Materials   Combining Syntactic Foam Technology with advanced acoustics theory onto a novel class of underwater sound attenuators.