Wireline Sheaves

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Everything you need to overhaul crown or traveling blocks:

  • Wireline sheaves
  • Bearings
  • Seals

Wireline sheaves

Forum can supply wireline sheaves that meet your specific requirements. To obtain the part you need, just provide us with the following information:

  • Sheave diameter
  • Wireline size
  • Pin diameter

Special requirements:

  • AI 8A, API8C
  • Material certification upon request
  • Product & special configurations (Ex. fair leader sheaves)


In stock – Wide range of taper roller bearings for use in wireline sheaves.

  • Double cup design with interior chamfers and slots that allow lubrication through the shaft
  • Ground cone rib outside diameer extends to enable the seal to run directly on the bearing



In stock – Seals for all sizes of taper rolling bearing.

Clark CE Series Seal

  • Metal case provides superior rigidity
  • Rubber encapsulation protects against corrosion

Illustration of Clark CE Series Seal mounted in the sheave with seal lip riding on the cone rib