Forum Roughneck 120

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This new iron roughneck takes on the toughest job on an oil rig – making up and breaking out drillpipe, drill collars and BHAs – and still has more than enough torque to make and break bits.

With approximately 50% fewer components than other roughnecks in its class, the simplified design makes this tool easy to troubleshoot and repair providing for years of reliable service.

The compact Forum Roughneck 120 is hydraulically powered, light weight, and spins up tubulars with high torque spinning motors. It torques up and breaks out drillpipe and collars with three clamping cylinders limiting the potential for damaged or deformed tool joints while utilizing industry standard 4 inch dies.

Its unique design employs a simplified thread  compensation system allowing for ±5" of spinner travel as the upper pipe section spins in or spins out. The compensation system insures maximum spinner efficiency while enabling the most accurate torque application in its class. The design also facilitates making and breaking bits up to 17 ½" OD.

Unlike other roughnecks, it is designed in accordance with API 7K specifications with min 2.25:1 design safety factors.

With the lowest cost of ownership in its class, the Forum Roughneck 120 clearly outperforms all others.


  • Single stroke makeup and breakout improves rig efficiency
  • Accurate torque application reduces potential for downhole makeup
  • Fewer components aid in troubleshooting and repair
  • Three jaw gripping drastically improves die life
  • API 7-K design spec ensures reduced total cost of ownership


  • Handles XT*, TT*, VAM** and other extended length threaded tool joints
  • Standard Hydraulic pilot operated controls (Electrical version available)
  • High Torque Spinner
  • 45° Torque Rotation
  • 3 Cylinder Torque Wrench
  • Bit Breaking Option
  • Spinning Wrench Thread Compensation
  • Intuitive Clamping Force
  • Designed in accordance with API 7-K

*XT and TT are trademarks of Grant Prideco
**VAM is a trademark of Vallourec