Floorhand™ FH-70

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The FloorHand FH-70 has been designed for ease of operation considering the highest standard for safety, while providing a tool to the industry with economics and efficiency in mind.

The FloorHand™ FH-70 is available as a hanging version or in combination with a manipulator arm for well center and mousehole use.

Benefits of the FH-70 are:

• Replaces manual tong handling
• Reduces physical exposure to the crew
• One size fits all, eliminating size component change-overs

• Best value in the industry
• Least amount of standard operational spare parts
• Supreme accessibility for maintenance
• No special tools for operation or maintenance required

• Simple logic for operating the FloorHand™ FH-70
• Fast, repetitive and reliable make-up torque
• Self-adjusts to a wide range of pipe sizes