Floorhand™ FH-100

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The FloorHand™ FH-100 is designed for ease of operation with the highest safety standard and has an extensive pipe range and torque rating previously unheard of from an iron roughneck of its size.
The FloorHand™ FH-100 has a specially designed manipulator that allows the tool to extend out 129” (3,276.6 mm) from its mounting point to both well center and the mouse hole and can be controlled on the tool or remotely through a stand-alone console or drillers’ panel.

Benefits of the FH-100 are:

• Replaces manual tongs
• Reduces rig personal exposure
• Reduces crew fatigue

• Low amount of spares
• Simple and easy to maintain
• No special tools for operation or maintenance

• Simple logic for operating the FloorHand™
• Fast, repetitive and reliable make-up torque