PipeWrangler Model 4500

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The PipeWrangler Model 4500 Catwalk is the newest addition to the Forum line of hydraulic catwalks. This hydraulic catwalk provides the world-class quality in lifting solutions for an application new to Forum’s portfolio of products. With safety and efficiency at the forefront of the design, this catwalk caters specifically to high drill floors in the Middle East.

The optional wireless control removes rig personnel from potentially hazardous areas. Our design includes two proximity sensors to detect the presence of pipe at the end of the trough. This creates an interlock that prevents unexpected movement of the pipe. The loaded pipe will not accidentally push off the trough during catwalk’s pick up and laydown process. The interlock mechanism securely holds the pipe until the catwalk is at the correct elevation.

Integrating Forum’s line of Digital Technologies allows for remote monitoring of catwalk performance, which can identify issues before failure occurs. Coupled with the freestanding, single chassis design, the PipeWrangler Model 4500 hydraulic catwalk is more efficient than other catwalks in its class.


  • 16,000 lb. v-door capacity.
  • Tubular Range: 2 3/8” to 30” casing
  • 10,000 lb. capacity
    • 16,000 lb. option available
  • Wireless control option
  • Remote connectivity and condition based monitoring
  • RFID Enabled


  • Increased Safety
    • Positive tubular control
      • Interlocking mechanism prevents unexpected movement of pipe
    • Wireless remote control option
  • Increased Efficiency
    • Free standing
    • Single chassis
  • Decreased Downtime
    • Remote and condition based monitoring services provide real-time data acquisition which  enables prioritizing potential repairs, reduces maintenance costs and increases equipment lifetime.