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Forum Catwalks is the premier manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic catwalks for improving safety and efficiency of drilling rigs around the globe. For more than 15 years, Pipe Wranglers has specialized in the innovation, mechanical design and fabrication of pipe handling system – and owns the patents on numerous pipe handling products. In 2010 Forum Pipe Wranglers joined the Forum Energy Technologies family of products. 

Forum Hydraulic Catwalks are proven to significantly reduce the hazards associated with direct handling of Tubulars during the pick up and laydown process. Reducing or eliminating the handling of Tubulars will result in a safer, more productive and more profitable Rig Site.

PWR4500 Hydraulic Catwalk

Little Tripper - Workover Catwalks

Mariner Series - Offshore Rig Catwalks

Wrangler Series - Land Rig Catwalks