Radiation containers

Product Literature

Forum Energy Technologies’ AMC radiation storage and transport modules help customers safely move radioactive materials that are used in drilling operations. The containers are designed, built and tested at Forum’s Scotland facility to meet the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) safety series no. 6 regulations and the DNV standard for certification 2.7-3.

Since the transportation containers are offshore compliant, as standard, they can be rapidly deployed into any region covering land or offshore applications, without further modification or certification. Forum’s unique design offers a safe and efficient loading/unloading system; thus, minimizing the need for manual lifting and associated safety hazards.

Forum can also offer a complete refurbishment and recertification service, helping to ensure that containers are returned to clients in as-new condition, which can extend service life and operation compliance.

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  • Reduces potential HSE hazards with the safe transportation of radiation sources used for drilling
  • Increases design flexibility since the internal assembly can be customized to suit the application and source container
  • Extends service life with a refurbishment and recertification service
  • Increases confidence, with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience


  • Jib crane on top, for ease of loading and unloading source material
  • Supplied with locator transponder beacons that activate when immersed in water
  • Can be supplied with chain or wire rope slings to suit end-destination lifting requirements
  • DNV 2.7–3 certification
  • IAEA safety series no. 6