Jar Testers & Automated Logging System

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Forum Energy Technologies’ AMC jar testers and automated jar testing logging system can increase the speed and accuracy of the testing process, while helping to ensure that all types of jars meet the stringent criteria required by the production facility.

Jar testers

Forum jar testers are rugged, self-contained units designed to test the operation of fishing jars, drilling jars and other downhole drilling tools. The horizontal main frame and attached hydraulic cylinder applies tension and compression forces in direct axial alignment with the test piece. Testers come in customer-specific lengths, up to 45 ft (14m), with the ability to push and pull up to 300,000 lb. Additional lift jacks can be used to safely lower and raise the jar in and out of the test bed for easy access with a forklift. Drip trays can also be attached to the unit to prevent spillage on the work area floor; thus, reducing HSE incidents.

A computerized logging system can also be added to record test results for log-applied pressure, distance of stroke of ram, and time-to-travel stroke distance. The system provides PDF graph reports, a multiple repeat test function and a wired remote pendant option.

Automated jar testing logging system

The automated jar testing logging system acquires data from a unique clamp on either side of the drilling or fishing jar. A drawstring encoder between the two clamps relays the distance measurement, and a pressure transducer gives the force in psi, which is then converted to lb. When in fully automatic mode, the software can be configured to carry out a set routine of up to six up and six down tests, one after another without any intervention from the operator. Once the sequence is complete, the data is saved and a report is displayed to the operator, outlining whether each test passed or failed the given criteria for the jar.


  • Improves efficiency
  • Decreases the footprint and enhances flexibility
  • Improves safety and decreases replacement part costs
  • Enhances visibility of tests


  • Pin-down tool guards with safety contact switch
  • Jar lift system (leg-mounted only)
  • Optional jar logging system
  • Jar criteria includes: ½-in. travel, D2 distance, D2 time, overall time
  • Remote pendant options