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Forum Energy Technologies’ AMC containerized workshops can be engineered and built for virtually any oilfield operation, such as the assembly of mud motors, drilling jars and tools, MWD and LWD modules, fishing tools, etc.

Each fully self-contained workshop is designed around the customer’s specific requirements. Containerized operations can be manufactured to include Forum’s customized torque machines and jar testing equipment, inspection/assembly work areas, tool storage, pressure test cells, operational command centers, and independent power supply housing. Overhead cranes can also be added. The containers are typically supplied in 20- and 40-ft lengths.

From simple, single-container workstations to multiple, interconnected packages, containerized workshops/workstations offer service providers a full-scale operational base in one location. Units are ideal for remote sites as they are self-sufficient and have a short commissioning time; thus, reducing the need for high infrastructure costs.


  • Reduces overall costs
  • Improves start-up times
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Eliminates shipping time


  • Fully operational within a few hours of arriving on site
  • Comfortable temperature-controlled working area
  • Full operation only requires diesel
  • Self sufficient
  • Standard ISO shipping containers