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Merriloy is a hard surfacing alloy specifically designed for coating inside diameters or bores of various metals. Merriloy has many advantages over other commonly used i.d. hard surfacing methods such as chrome plating, nickel plating, nitriding, flame hardening, carburizing etc. If you are looking to extend the life of your parts and need an I.d. surface that is extremely non-corrosive, and excellent against abrasion, galling and impact, Merriloy could very well be your answer.

The following is a list of the properties and characteristics of Merriloy and how it compares to other hard surfacing methods.

  • Merriloy is metallurgically bonded to the substrate with a bond strength of approximately 30000 psi. Chrome and other electroplating coatings have a bond strength of only 6000 psi. The metallurgical bond that occurs in our process is inherent to the process. The bond will occur each and every time with the same outcome. The weaker mechanical bond of chrome plating is determined by the set up. If cleaning procedures are not correct it could reduce the bond strength even more.
  • Merriloy is nonporous, which makes it impermeable. Corrosive agents are unable to permeate to the substrate therefore protecting the substrate from corrosion. Unlike chrome plating, where corrosive agents can penetrate to the base metal due to porosity and inherent fractures. This causes corrosion at the plating interface, which in turn causes the bond to the chrome to be compromised and the chrome will begin to crack or flake. Click here to view a comparison of the coating reports for Merriloy and Chrome Plating.
  • Merriloy does very well in applications where friction is a concern. The Coefficient of friction for merriloy is .1 . Less friction = less wear.
  • Merriloy has good thermal conductivity. This allows heat to transfer away from the area that doesn't need heat.
  • Merriloy can be applied in very thick coat. In normal applications our Coating is .030 thick. The thickness can be more or less depending on your application.
  • Merriloy is non sparking.
  • Merriloy is very non corrosive. Click here to view a list of the different corrosive media in which Merriloy is generally resistant.
  • Merriloy hardness HRC 58-62. This hardness is consistent throughout the coating thickness.
  • Merrimac Manufacuring Inc. has used this wear surface on its products for the past eight years, making our products superior to the competition. We can apply this coating to a wide range of Diameters and lengths. With a little information we can determine if we can coat your products or parts.