P-Quip® Mud Pump System and Assemblies

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Forum Energy Technologies has dedicated resources and empowered its employees to ensure that the right product is safely designed, manufactured and delivered around the globe. By combining our high-quality components into the P-Quip® mud pump system, you realize the benefits of having a single-source provider who stands behind its advanced technology, helping you achieve short- and long-term goals and drilling objectives.

The P-Quip fluid end mud pump system includes reliable fluid end modules, discharge and suction manifolds, pulsation dampeners, fluid end expendables, high-performance liner retention systems, valve cover, suction strainers, and rod systems. All components within the system are built using Forum’s robust manufacturing and QA/QC process, which helps deliver increased equipment longevity and optimal performance in all types of drilling environments and pressures.

Reduced Downtime and Improved Mud Pump Efficiency

P-Quip system’s patented retention solution allows operators to drill longer between maintenance cycles. The easy-to-install system reduces HSE risks, maintenance downtime costs by up to 75%, change-out times and operating costs. The pony rod seal system utilizes patented seals that last up to four times longer than competitors. Proprietary polymer with four sealing surfaces provides a dependable seal, which eliminates fluid contamination into the power end that can lead to costly power end repairs if leakage occurs.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Over 20 years of field use in the most severe environments and the data acquired in that timeframe has proven that the P-Quip system has the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. To further extend the life of its modules, Forum uses specialized machining and heat treat processes, which provides deeper case hardening in critical areas and less opportunity for cracking.

Reduced HSE risks

One of Forum Energy Technologies’ core values is “No one gets hurt”, and that includes our customers. The technology provided with the P-Quip system reduces, if not eliminates, the use of manual force during maintenance and is inherently safe. The simplicity and ease of use along with the reduction in actual time to replace high-use components automatically reduces HSE risks.

Go Longer with the Forum Energy Technologies P-Quip fluid end mud pump system.