RPM and SPM Tachometer Generators

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RPM and SPM Tachometer Generators

Rugged and dependable generators measure and display RPM of any rotating object

Forum RPM and SPM Tachometer Generators are available in explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof models. Each generator has an output of 10 VAC @ 1,000 RPM in either direction — clockwise or counterclockwise.

Non-Explosion proof (A78-145-1A) Explosion-proof model (A75-1163)



10 VAC @ 1,000 RPM output.
Explosion-proof model is listed by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL)for use in hazardous locations, Division 1, Group D (natural gas or the vapors from lacquer solvents, acetone, alcohols, and petroleum derivatives such as gasoline) and Class 2, Groups F and G.
Easily mounted, with a direct connection to the pump pinion shaft by means of a flexible coupling or by a V-belt connection between the shaft and the generator pulley.
A heavy-duty, oil-resistant electrical cord connects the generator to the RPM meter.
Generator supplies all the power necessary for one or more Indicators — no outside power or batteries are required.


Center-point mounted drums ensure optimum accuracy.
Smooth, machine-grooved drum surface extends cable life.
Heavy-duty, high-grade structural steel construction with tapered roller anti-friction bearings and heat-treated alloy shaft provides a super strong anchor with exceptional durability.
Proof-testing to 150% of rated capacity ensures superior reliability.
Durable bronze wireline clamp inserts provide tight cable grip without damage to the line.  
Easy to install and service.