RPM & SPM Tachometer Systems

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RPM Rotary Speed Indicator System

Accurate rotary speed readings help driller optimize drill speed.

The Forum RPM Rotary Speed Indicator System provides exceptionally accurate rotary speed measurements enabling the driller to optimize drill speed for maximum efficiency. 

The system includes the Gauge and a Generator that powers the system.


                  RPM Gauge


SPM Pump Speed Indicator System


Quick pump speed readings detect pump or hole problems

The Forum SPM Pump Speed Indicator System
provides quick, easy-to-read pump speed
measurements — information the mud pressure gauge
does not deliver. The system includes the gauge and
a generator that powers the system.


Available in a variety of capacities, with maximum capacities of 1000 RPM and 500 SPM (special capacities available upon request)
Available in panel-mounted or box-mounted configurations
250° pointer travel range


                  SPM Gauge