Electronic Inclination and Azimuth Systems

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Records even the slightest changes in the drill angle – as small as fractions of a degree – so the drill path can be quickly and efficiently corrected back to vertical.

Makes maintaining a controlled, absolutely vertical drill path easier than ever.



Helps ensure accurate, reliable drill paths

  • Tracks clock battery run-time to minimize survey run errors.

  • Sensors are fully temperature-compensated. Temperature changes across the full operating temperature range cause drill angle orientation readings to change by less than 1%.

Guards against loss of crucial drill path data

  • Monitors base voltage level to ensure continuous, trouble-free operation.

  • Archives all surveys in memory so they can be viewed and re-printed at any time.

  • Includes a diagnostic LED that indicates whether the tool is operating properly.

  • Recovers survey data even after power loss or loss of communications with the tool .

  • Provides administrative options that enable system managers to set users/passwords and to protect access to certain functions.

  • Includes security features that protect survey data.

Provides easy, versatile access to drill path data

Ethernet port

  • Enables remote control and monitoring via LAN or a Web browser.

  • Makes it possible to download data via FTP.

Integrates easily with existing mechanical drift indicator equipment

  • Fits in existing 1-inch running gear – and can be run in tandem with mechanical clocks.


  • Color touchscreen display

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Rugged weather-proof case and connectors

  • Thermal printer - no ink to replace

  • Base unit run-time approximately 8.5 to 9.5 hours with full charge

  • Clock run-time approximately 200 hours with new battery

  • Maximum survey time approximately 9 hours

  • Maximum number of survey runs (with 9-hour surveys) approximately 22. Shorter survey times yield more survey runs.

  • Maximum number of individual surveys per run: 1,024

  • Battery-operated, with charger

  • Operating temperature range: From -40 degrees Celsius to greater than 125 C (-40 to 257 F)

  • Inclination range: 0 to 180 degrees

  • Orientation range: 360 degrees full scale, all axes

  • Orientation/inclination resolution: 0.02 degrees

  • Repeatability:

    • Inclination: 0.10 degrees
    • Heading: 0.5 degrees
  • Accuracy:

    • Inclination: 0.2 degrees
    • Heading: 0.5 degrees typical for static test conditions; plus/minus 2 degrees typical for dynamic (cyclic) test conditions and for arbitrary orientation angles
  • Variety of Go-Devil assemblies available for various methods of running the tool, including free-dropping, sand-lines, and core barrel adapters