Power Transmission Products

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In stock – Wide range of power transmission products from the world’s leading manufacturers:

Chains and sprockets

Full range of roller chains especially designed for oilfield applications such as drawworks and mud pump drives. Meticulous quality control ensures maximum wear resistance and long equipment life. Forum can deliver chains and sprockets in all sizes – from single-strand to 8-strand.

Sheaves and belts

Forum can supply any type of belt, including:

  • Banded V-Belts for Mud Pump & Compressor drive
    • Kevlar™ 5V, 8V
    • 3V, 5V, 8V
    • A, B, C, D, E
  • Single Belts
    • 3V, 5V, 8V
    • A,B,C,D,E
    • 3L, 4L, 5L
  • Poly V
  • Synchronous

Also V-Belt Sheaves – plain bore or QD, Taperlock Bushings

Shaft couplings

Shaft couplings, from jaw couplings for low horsepower drives to crowned tooth gear couplings for rotary table drives.

  • Dodge
    • Paraflex
  • Falk
    • Gear
    • Grid
  • Reynord
    • Kop-Flex-Gear
    • Thomas Disc
  • Lovejoy
    • Jaw
    • SureFlex

Electric motors

  • Electric motors from ½ to 200HP.
  • Frame sizes from 56 to 449T.
  • Ex(d) and explosion-proof motors for hazardous areas.