Frac Pumps

Unbeatable Performance

Forum manufactures frac pumps that are designed to outlast the best through unbeatable quality and unmatched innovation   Our positive diplacement plunger pumps used for hydraulic fracturing, are designed to optimize your fleet for maximum performance.


Power Ends

With over 1,000,000 combined pumping hours and ZERO cracked frames, Forum's power ends deliver top performance in even the toughest conditions. Forum also offers the most compact 3,000 horsepower feld proven power end on the market.

Fluid Ends

frac pump fluid end

Spend more time pumping with Forum's frac pump fluid ends. Forum fluid ends are designed to fit most frac pumps and are packed with innovation such as a leak free design and rescue packing nut to prevent bore wash out.

Suction Manifolds

Frac Pump Suction Manifold

For the best performance for your frac pump, we reccomend Forum's Race Track Manifold. It offers superior flow and reduces the risk of sand-off.  However, Forum does offer both zoomie and log style suction manifolds.

Valves and Seats

Frac Pump Valves and Seats

Forum's versatile HiFlow HD valves and seats for frac pumps revolutionize maintenance and reduce cavitation. Click above to see the difference HiFlow HD provides.

Frac Pump Repair and Services

Find frac pump repair services in North America for both power ends and fluid ends.