TE Valves

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Valves and replacement parts are interchangeable with all Top Entry style plug valves. Valve sizes include 1" and 2" at all working pressures. Available in Standard and H2S fluid service. End connections include all sizes and configurations of hammer unions, API flanged, and threaded.

*All Forum valve bodies come standard from the factory with a bolt pattern for hydraulic, pneumatic, or gear unit actuation. Complete actuator or gear unit kits are available for any valve.


Valve Size Union Figure
1" 1"1502 VA1T-1CFM-S01 VA1T-1CFM-AH-S01
1" 1.5"1502 VA1T-1.5CFM-S01 VA1T-1.5CFM-AH-S01
2" 2"1502 VA1T-2CFM-S01 VA1T-2CFM-AH-S01
2" 2"1502 VA2T-2CFM-S01 VA2T-2CFM-AH-S01