Enviro-Lite E-line cable is an eco-friendly Electro-Mechanical wireline product designed to enable faster running speeds, faster rig-up times and a cleaner/safer well-site with the elimination of grease injection. A ruggedized smooth outer jacket achieves a good seal without the use of grease, flow tubes or grease injection equipment.

Built on the proven success of our conventional EM Wireline cable, the conductor consists of a water blocked stranded copper and a high-temperature fluoropolymer dielectric. A unique armor package design, combined with an “extrude-to-fill” rugged polymer jacket, delivers a torque neutral, low friction EM wireline cable, enabling significantly reduced POOH surface tensions; even on longer and deviated wellbore laterals.

Longer cable life, and no grease head related issues (out of torque balance, bird-caging, high stranding) can be expected with the Enviro-Lite E-Line Cable from Forum Energy Technologies.