Get maximum cable run life while eliminating high grease and maintenance costs with Forum Energy Technologies Envirolite Cable. The Envirolite coated cable is an eco-friendly, grease-free  Electro-Mechanical wireline product designed to enable faster running speeds, faster rig-up times while eliminating maintenance and enviromental risks.


  • Cased hole horizontal completions
  • Extended reach wells



  • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs with its torque-neutral design
  • Eliminate grease costs and mess on location
  • Lasts significantly longer than standard cables
  • Reduces surface tension even on longer deviated wellbore laterals



  • Conductor consists of a water blocked stranded copper and a high-temperature fluoropolymer dielectric
  • Unique armor package design, combined with an “extrude-to-fill” rugged polymer jacket
  • Handles up to 375°F
  • 8,500 lbs break strength