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The wireline industry has long awaited a manufacturing company that understands both the stringent technical details and the demanding service requirements that stem from operation in the oil and gas services sector.

​Electro-mechanical (EM) wireline cables are continuously exposed to harsh environments.
Tens of thousands of feet of cable are regularly deployed and retrieved in and out of oil and gas wells. In these wells temperatures can exceed 450 degrees Fahrenheit, with pressure up to
25,000 psi and tensile loads over 15,000 lbs. To further complicate things, the wellbore fluids
may be highly corrosive and gaseous. While these harsh conditions challenge the mechanical properties of the cable, it must continuously transmit clean reliable data.

Quality Wireline and Cable Inc., "Quality" was formed to meet these challenges. From a technical perspective, Quality assembled a team of specialized engineers who studied the traditional methods of manufacturing wireline. The team incorporated many "new and innovative ideas" into the newest technology and equipment available. The results are incredible; cables that exceed every quality standard set by traditional manufacturing. We are now well-placed to produce the closest thing to a perfect cable! 

Exceeding Expectations

Quality's service challenge is to "always exceed customer expectations". Quality achieves this
by ensuring all of our key personnel have backgrounds and an understanding of the wireline industry. Quality's people bring field experience from cable plants, wireline, or instrumentation operations. This ensures that Quality's people on the ground have the ability to understand
their customer and meet their individual needs. "Quality" resonates throughout the organization in the workmanship and attention to detail displayed by our team.