Available in both manual and hydraulic operation. Sizes range from 2-1/2" id. up to 6-7/8" id. Operating pressures up to 15,000 psi. standard or H2S service. Configuration options from: Single, Dual, Triple &, Quad.

Valve body produced from a single forged block. Grease injection and equalization ports between rams. Visual verification of Ram position via indicator slots. Manual override system ensures positive well bore seal as a backup to hydraulic system. Multiple connection options available:

ACME threaded adapters to “cross over” for job specific thread types. Body can be designed with a specific connection requirement at your request Flanged connections are also available, all from a single forged block.

Larger valve bodies can be produced with our optional “field service slide assembly” allowing for fast and safe ram/seal change out or service.

Standard Features

  • Valve bodies are machined with:
    • AMT serial number
    • Working and Test pressures
    • Standard or H2S service.
    • API and or PSL level requirement
  • Material and Certification:
    • All material Heat Treat, and Ultrasonic Test results supplied.
    • Pressure test charts supplied with completed assembly.
    • Assembly drawing and Bill of materials included.

Optional features

  • Valve body can be machined with:
    • Your company logo (size and detail dependant).
    • Your serial number sequence.
  • Certifications and Procedures:
    • IRC (Independent Review Certificate) performed by Bureau Veritas.
    • NDE (Non-Destructive Examination) results
    • COC (Certificate of Conformity)
  • Digital Documentation:
    • Along with your “hard copy” of all paperwork, certificates etc. You can now have everything included on an easy to navigate, menu driven CD (Compact Disk) PDF format. All information contained on this disk is printable providing you with quick access to all paperwork from virtually any PC, including a laptop in the field.