Tool Traps

Hydraulic Tool Trap With External Indicator

Basic design

  • Designed to be "rigged up" above wireline valve, and below lubricator.
  • Unit can be opened manually or remotely by hydraulic pressure to allow tool string to be lowered through tool trap from above. Once tool string is in position, hydraulic pressure is removed, and tool traps spring loaded flapper is designed to automatiacally return to a closed position.
  • Flapper has a slot that is wider than wireline, but smaller than tool string, thus allowing for un-obstructed wireline travel while in "closed" position.
  • With flapper in "closed" position, tool string can be raised through the tool trap, when the fishing neck contacts underside of flapper, the flapper is moved up and out of well bore. Once the last component of tool string has passed the flapper, it once again automatically returns to "closed" position via dual pre-loaded springs.
  • In the event of a "pull-off" or a stripped rope socket, the tool string will be "trapped" above the flapper, thus preventing the loss of the tool string down hole.
  • Once a catch is made, Jaws must be hydraulically actuated to release the fishing neck.
  • 15,000 psi. working pressure
  • 22,500 psi. test pressure
  • H2S service compatible


Pressure and service, dependant on union requested.