Side Door Stripper

Side Door Stripper - MxxxSS00-xxx


The side door stripper/packer is designed to pack-off around coiled tubing being stripped in or out of the well bore. The tool allows easy access to the packer, primary seal and bushing. These can be replaced under pressure with the coiled tubing still in the well. The tool is installed above the coiled tubing BOP.

Well pressure is sealed-off by actuating the hydraulic cylinder to the extended position. This causes the packer cylinder sleeve to push against the packer. The packer is squeezed to form a seal around the tubing. Interchangeability of the bushing and packer allows one tool to be used with a wide range of coiled tubing sizes.

The side door stripper/packer is available in 3 1/16”, 4 1/16”, and 5 1/2” nominal sizes.


  1. Working pressures from 5000 PSI to 15000 PSI
  2. Standard and sour service environments
  3. Available with a variety of hand union, or customer specified connections
  4. Can be easily redressed for different coiled tubing sizes.
  5. Packing rubbers can be changed out with coiled tubing still in the well.

Specification Guide

  3 1/16” 4 1/16” 5 1/2”

Part #







Max Coiled Tubing Size



2 7/8”


3 1/2”


Overall Height