Rotating Joint

Rotating Joint - NxxxRJ30


Rotating Joints are used as an integral part of a coiled tubing reel.  They are designed to handle all circulating operations required for through-tubing pumping operations.  Forum Energy Technologies Rotating Joints are available in the conventional 90 degree inlet/outlet configuration and straight bore configurations with a variety of inlet and outlet connections.  Multi-style seals coupled with a heavy duty bearing design ensures a wide pressure sealing range and a long, reliable service life.  Sizes include 1.25”, 1.50”, 2.00” and 2.50” bores with operating pressure up to 15,000psi.  Standard service or sour service in compliance with NACE MR0175 are available.


  1. New roller bearing design to provide longer bearing life.
  2. Oil bath for bearings w/ oil level check port.
  3. New packing stack design to provide improved seal over wide range of pressures and temperatures.
  4. Includes weep port to indicate faulty packing stack.