Wireline Valve (BOP) replacement parts

Type B compatible Rams & Seals Type H compatible Rams & Seals AMT compatible Rams & Seals


Replacement Rams:

Several different styles available.

  • Type-B compatible design
  • Type-H compatible design
  • Type-T compatible design
  • AMT style design

Several different styles available.

  • 7/32”
  • 3/16”
  • 5/16”
  • 7/16”
  • 15/32”
  • 17/32”
  • and “multi-line”

Produced from 17-4 DH-1150 Stainless Steel, full material traceability paperwork provided upon delivery.

Replacement Inner and Outer Ram seals:

  • Same manufacturer compatibility as listed above.
  • Same available line sizes as listed above.
  • Produced through a process known as “Compression Molding” from durable, “Highly Saturated Nitrile” also known as (HSN).

Other composite materials available per customer request.