Lo Torque Hydraulic

Basic design

  • Provides positive shutoff point in drill string by incorporating a hydraulic actuated stainless steel ball type valve that seals in both directions.
  • Valve in "full open" position", (verifiable by external position indicator) provides a clear, unobstructed full bore to ensure no interference with tool string.
  • "Low-Torque" refers to eas of operation. By design, this valve requires only 1/4 turn to go from full open to full close position.This is achieved with the use of an offset wrench (included) operated by hand. (Hydraulic operation also available)
  • Multiple connection styles avalable.
  • Standard length allows for several connecton "re-cuts" dependant on connection type, and severity of damage.
  • Up to 15,000 psi. working pressure
  • Up to 22,500 psi. test pressure
  • H2S service compatible (upon request)


Pressure and service, dependant on union requested.