Lubricator Section Assembly

Lubricator - RxxxxLAx


Lubricator section assemblies are available in several standard lengths and sizes. Working pressure and service ratings are consistent with all Vanoil surface pressure equipment. Lubricator sections are configured to provide an overall length, which is needed in order to accomodate a particular tool string configuration, between the stuffing box and BOP. The lubricators are equipped with client-specified quick union connectors, which facilitate quick and easy assembly.

All Vanoil lubricators incorporate a dual seal design between the lubricator tube and union connection. This dual seal design consists of a metal-to-metal primary seal between tube and union with a secondary O-Ring seal located behind the primary seal. This helps to prevent well fluids from damaging the threaded connections and escaping into the atmosphere.

A typical lubricator section consists of a lubricator tube with a quick union box connection at the top and a quick union pin and collar connection at the bottom.  Lubricator sections are available with bleed-off port subs, if required. Optional bleed subs are also available for use with all sizes of lubricator sections.


  1. Working pressures from 5000 PSI to 15000 PSI
  2. Standard and sour service environments
  3. Available with Otis, Bowen, or Slimline hand union connections
  4. Incorporate dual seal design