Hydraulic Latch Assembly





The Most OEM Remotely Operated Solutions

Field Repair Capable 

Proven Track Record of Safety and Performance


The HLA 15K and 10K combines unmatched simplicity and safety in a field repairable platform that offers more remotely controlled OEM solutions than any other wellhead quick connection in the oilfield. With the HLA 10K and 15K’s one-piece integral body design provides maximum security on the wellhead to prevent equipment failures and full its full suite of  solutions keep your crews out of the hot-zone for more operations.



HLA 10K & 15K Advantages



  • 10KSI and high pressure 15KSI operations


  • Remotely rig up, operate Lift Night Caps, and launch frac balls
  • 30%-40% approximate times savings over traditional man basket operations
  • Increases uptime by allowing for more simulataneous opertations of frac and wireline crews
  • Can be repaired in as little as 15 minutes in the field Features
  • Remotely operated Lift Night Cap
  • Remotely operated Frac Ball Launcher
  • Sensors with indicator lights to ensure safe operation of equipment
  • Highly visible entry guide
  • One-Piece Integral Body design provides superior equipment safety and performance


  • 10 KSI and 15 KSI pressure ratings
  • Remotely Operated Lift Night Cap
  • Remotely Operated Frac Ball Launcher
  • Single and Multi-Unit control panels
  • Standard and Self Powered control panels
  • Multi-Unit transport skids.




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