Shear/Seal Blowout Preventer

Shear/Seal Blowout Preventer - PxxxSB40


The Shear/Seal BOP provides positive protection against blowouts and to secure the well in emergencies.  This BOP can cut the coiled tubing and seal the well off.
The BOP closure design consists of two hydraulic actuator assemblies connected to each of the ram assemblies.  This allows the rams to be hydraulically compressed slicing the tubing.  A horizontal seals is compressed against the lower side of the shear blade which creates a seal, thus containing well pressure below the rams.  Pressure across the rams is equalized, through a flanged equalizing assembly located between each ram assembly.  This takes place prior to hydraulic retraction of the rams.

An innovative attribute is the "internal plumbing" feature. Single point open and close ports permit operation of both hydraulic actuators for each set of rams. The requirement of harness hoses becomes redundant, thereby effectively reducing the number of hoses and connections.
BOPs are available in nominal sizes from 3 1/16"" to 7 1/16", with working pressure ratings from 5000 PSI to 15000 PSI.  The BOPs are useable in both standard and sour environments.


  • Available with a variety of hand unions, flanged or client specified connections.
  • Optional ram configurations
  • Operated with any hydraulic source capable of providing 3000 psi hydraulic pressure
  • Manual lock holds rams mechanically locked in closed position
  • Manual override available in case of hydraulic failure