Ream Master

Product Literature

  • Milled ribs for maximum strength.
  • Non-aggressive hard-banding applied to leading and trailing angled profiles of ribs ensure that the shoe will not make new hole.
  • Ribs with shallow angles on top and bottom for easy passage through tight spots or ledges.
  • Optimized rib width provides full stand-off with good flow area between ribs.
  • Can be supplied as a guide shoe (no valves), or with one or multiple back-pressure valves.
  • Cast aluminum nose material standard, easily drilled out due to numerous break points (jets) and shorter design.
  • Optional composite nose material is even easier to drill out with only a 20% reduction in overall strength.
  • Center hole in nose is designed to prevent drop balls from potentially sealing off and reducing flow area.
  • Can be rotated and/or reciprocated as desired.
  • Available in 3-1/2" through 20" casing sizes, with customizable rib OD’s.