Casing Accessories


Engage your inner string, Eliminate your shoetrack

  • Eliminates shoetrack from well construction
  • Reduces Wait On Cement time
  • Removes expensive clean out operations

Enables inner string to be engaged into the float shoe with subsea or dry casings & liners for superior cementing performance


  • The tool enables torque transmission in tension, engaging or disengaging the inner string from the float receptacle
  • The tool enables 10' of tally discrepancy between inner string and casing length when stroked closed.
  • The tool allows for free-rotation when in compression to safely engage the wellhead running tool


  • Eliminates clean out runs
  • Quicker slurry displacement
  • More aggressive slurry setting for shorter WOC
  • Removal of remedial cementing techniques (e.g. TITUS)
  • Eliminates scraper runs to set liner hangers deeper
  • Shorter shoe track for improved drill out performance and minimised risk of cement block stuck BHA risk
  • Internal chamfered float shoe for slim-line wellhead drill out maintaining a centralised BHA