Flow Control Products

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Forum Completion Products is a manufacturer of high quality downhole completion tools including ProDrill Composite Plugs utilized used for plug, perforate and fracture applications and Tubing Mounted Flow Control products.  These field-proven tools are used to provide a trusted and efficient solution to an increasingly complex completion process.

The goal of Forum Completion Products is to provide tools and equipment that exceed required applications while at the same time provide true value to customers. The extensive experience of the management and personnel dealing both domestically and in the world market enable them to provide solutions to the various problems encountered in today's complicated business.

All of the tools in our catalog are field proven over many generations. In addition, specialized tools for specialized problems can be engineered and built to customer's specifications.

Forum Completion Products Tubing Mounted Flow Control product line consists of:

  • Landing Nipples
  • Circulating Sleeves
  • Packer On/Off Tools
  • Equalizing Check Valves
  • Hydro Trip Subs
  • Instrument Hangers
  • Shear Out Safety Joints
  • Slickline Blanking Plugs
  • Crossovers
  • Re-entry Guides/P.O.P.
  • Wireline Service Tools
  • Ecner Array Elements